flexpillow - Orthopaedic pillow for back sleepers (and all those who want to become one)

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flexpillow pillow

flexpillow pillow

The innovative & patented pillow shape helps you to sleep on your back. This gives your spine the best possible chance to recover overnight from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Filling material: Choice of fibre balls or natural latex flakes (organic)

Dimensions: Width 70 x length 30 x height 8 cm

Cushion cover: Choice of organic cotton or cotton

Note: flexpillow is filled by hand, so the height could also be 9 or 10 cm high.

Delivery time: 5 to 7 working days

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Scope of delivery & product details

> flexpillow pillow
> ticking (material: 100% cotton), washable at 30°C, with zip fastener
> flexpillow pillowcase optionally made of 100% organic cotton (organic) or 100% cotton, washable at 30°C, with zip
> Height can be individually adjusted by the filling quantity
> Super elastic and softly springy

> Filling material fibre balls white: 100% polyester (7.8 dtex/32mm HCS 1a)

> Filling material natural latex flakes (organic)

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  • Innovation

    Patented pillow

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    Known from the SAT.1 programme: How brilliant is that?

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    Known from the MDR programme: Einfach genial

  • Award

    International Inventors' Fair IENA19: Silver medal for invention

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  • Helps you to sleep on your back without a pillow to prevent tension or pain in the vertebral area

  • Designed for restful nights and pain-free days: probably the easiest way to do something good for your body

  • Allows you to switch to the side position at any time, making it easier for you to get used to sleeping on your back

  • The special filling material allows you to adjust the cushion height

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This is how it works:

1. to sleep on your back, simply lie with your head in the bulge of the pillow.
2. the flexpillow offers you lateral support and a feeling of security that you would otherwise miss when lying on your back.
3. gravity does the rest and brings your spine back into its natural position.

...and thanks to the side supports, you can change your sleeping position to the side position at any time and also enjoy all the advantages of a conventional neck support pillow.


Why sleep on your back?

The supine position acts as a kind of "reset" for your spine. It brings your head, neck and torso into a natural position and supports the physiological, s-shaped curvature of the spine.

What we do wrong during the day by constantly sitting or "looking at our smartphones", we can literally make up for in our sleep.

> Tension and pain in the back and neck can be alleviated or prevented by lying on your back
> Your posture (and therefore your overall appearance) can improve noticeably
> Freedom of discomfort and movement in everyday life and an upright posture also increase both your quality of life and your self-confidence

In contrast, lying on your stomach and side (with the wrong pillow) leads to hyperextension and twisting of your spine and can be the cause of tension and pain in the neck and back area.

  • Flexpillow: When you see this cushion for the first time, you might think: Isn't there something missing? But: far from it! The Flexpillow is the first special pillow of its kind on which I was able to sleep completely through the night. The pillow is ideal for people who want to sleep on their back as well as on their side. The pillow is odourless and (in my opinion) delivers what it promises: a good night's sleep.

    Rene Gräber (author of specialised books: health and medicine)

  • I have tried flexpillow and after a few days you can feel how good it is for your back. You can also literally feel the restructuring in the neck area. As with any pillow, you need a certain period of familiarisation, but this goes quite quickly. I can only recommend flexpillow. Just give it a try!

    Lars Schlichting (ex-professional football player & personal trainer)

  • In order to prevent degeneration and alleviate suffering, the most common incorrect posture of the head/cervical spine must be counteracted: Carrying the head in front of the body's line of gravity, which almost regularly causes the lower cervical spine to be overflexed and the upper cervical vertebrae to be overextended. This causes unphysiological pressure on the intervertebral discs, restricted movement, neck tension, headaches and even migraines and symptoms such as dizziness and neck pressure. flexpillow allows the neck to relax while you sleep. The unique design of flexpillow ensures that the cervical spine can return to its natural position. At the same time, it prevents the head from bending when lying on its side.

    Alireza Assar (Specialist in Surgery & Sports Medicine)

  • For years, we have spoken in our medical fitness seminars about how healthy it is to sleep on your back on firm ground without a pillow in order to straighten the physiological curvature of the spine, which becomes more and more S-shaped during the course of the day, at night. The relaxed spine is thus lengthened again by gravity. This can even be measured in the evening and in the morning!

    However, side sleepers must pay particular attention to a straight cervical spine so as not to risk a stiff neck in the morning. However, many people find the natural position with arms folded under the head uncomfortable. However, only this innovative pillow creates the ideal combination for the back and side position! That's why I recommend it to everyone, seminar participants, therapists and patients alike.

    Kai Amberg (Medical Fitness Expert)

  • I myself complained of headaches and back pain, usually after getting up. I felt sleep-deprived and chronically tired. Physiotherapy helped temporarily, but the pain kept coming back. It soon became clear that the cause was poor posture in my cervical spine.

    This was followed by several attempts with different pillows and changes of position. A good friend introduced me to flexpillow, and although I was very sceptical at first, the pain disappeared permanently. Until today!

    Dr Olaf Deling, MD

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Who is the flexpillow suitable for?

> People who struggle with neck or back pain and want to alleviate it with the new trend of "sleeping on your back without a pillow"

> People who generally take care of their body and health and want to prevent pain from occurring in the first place

> People who are aware of the benefits of sleeping on their back but have not yet managed to change their sleeping position in the long term

> People who want to improve their posture to boost their public image and self-confidence (whether professionally or privately)

> People who have to sleep on their back for physical reasons (e.g. after an operation)

> People with a waterbed who have difficulty finding a suitable pillow

Probably the easiest way to do something good for yourself

Remember. You spend a huge part of your life in bed. With only 7 hours of sleep per night and an average life expectancy of 80 years, that's 204,400 hours. That's over 23 years.
From now on, you can use this time in a positive way for yourself and your body.
And all you have to do is consciously pay attention to your sleeping position.
The flexpillow helps you do this.
Try it out and become part of the back sleeper revolution.

  • Innovation

    Patented pillow

  • SAT.1

    Known from the SAT.1 programme: How brilliant is that?

  • MDR

    Known from the MDR programme: Einfach genial

  • Award

    Int. Inventors' Fair IENA19: Silver medal for invention

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  • Thank you

    Several thousand customers say thank you!

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