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flexpillow has received the silver medal for invention and innovation at one of the largest international trade fairs for inventions (IENA 2019).

IENA: The most important international trade fair for "ideas, inventions, innovations"

Test and experience reports

Testimonial from Danny Eickemeyer (children's pillow):

"Personally, I also think the material is great, as it adapts to the shape of the head and, above all, it is breathable and mite-resistant."

You can find the full test report here.

Testimonial from Tobias Mikula:

"I tested the pillow for several months and tell you all about the pros & cons in this field report."

You can find the full review here.

Test report from René Dasbeck:

"The flexpillow was kindly made available to me for a test. I usually turn down such requests because otherwise I have too many test pillows at home. But I made an exception for the fleXpillow because it is so special."

You can find the full test report here.

Field report from Verena Wagner:

"I tested this orthopaedic pillow when I had very severe shoulder and neck tension due to my plaster cast on my right hand and the fracture. And I have to say: I'm really impressed."

Read the full testimonial here.

Testimonial from Sarah Fuhrmeister (children's pillow):

"The pillow comes well packed in a bag. It doesn't smell of chemicals and looks quite interesting in its U-shape."

Here you can find the full review.

Test report by Constanze Webers (children's pillow):

"When I received the invitation to test it, I had a look around the Flexpillow website - and started to have doubts: a pillow with a hole in the centre? What sense does that make? So I might as well skip the pillow altogether?"

You can find the full test report here.

Test report by Renate Wenger (children's pillow):

"Personally, I think the idea of Flexpillow is great! Starting early to prevent back problems and promote a healthy posture for the child is something that every parent should take to heart."

You can find the full test report here.

Test report from Angela Ledig:

"I actually sleep on my side most of the time, but with this pillow that's no problem at all. I lay my head in the cut-out pillow area to fall asleep. Later I use the side supports, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. I was pleasantly surprised by these, as they are relatively firm, but also adapt somehow. Great material! I am convinced that this cushion is very durable."

You can find the full test report here.

  • Flexpillow: When you see this cushion for the first time, you might think: Isn't there something missing? But: far from it! The Flexpillow is the first special pillow of its kind on which I was able to sleep completely through the night. The pillow is ideal for people who want to sleep on their back as well as on their side. The pillow is odourless and (in my opinion) delivers what it promises: a good night's sleep.

    Rene Gräber (author of specialised books: health and medicine)

  • I have tried flexpillow and after a few days you can feel how good it is for your back. You can also literally feel the restructuring in the neck area. As with any pillow, you need a certain period of familiarisation, but this goes quite quickly. I can only recommend flexpillow. Just give it a try!

    Lars Schlichting (ex-professional football player & personal trainer)

  • To prevent degeneration and alleviate suffering, the most common incorrect posture of the head/cervical spine must be counteracted: Carrying the head in front of the body's line of gravity!
    This is because the lower cervical spine is almost always over-bent and the upper cervical vertebrae over-extended. This causes unphysiological pressure on the intervertebral discs, restricted movement, neck tension, headaches and even migraines and symptoms such as dizziness and neck pressure.
    flexpillow allows the neck to relax while you sleep. The unique design of flexpillow ensures that the cervical spine can return to its natural position. At the same time, it prevents the head from bending when lying on its side.

    Alireza Assar (Specialist in Surgery & Sports Medicine)

  • For years, we have spoken in our medical fitness seminars about how healthy it is to sleep on your back on firm ground without a pillow in order to straighten the physiological curvature of the spine, which becomes more and more S-shaped during the course of the day, at night. The relaxed spine is thus lengthened again by gravity. This can even be measured in the evening and in the morning!

    However, side sleepers must pay particular attention to a straight cervical spine so as not to risk a stiff neck in the morning. However, many people find the natural position with arms folded under the head uncomfortable. However, only this innovative pillow creates the ideal combination for the back and side position! That's why I recommend it to everyone, seminar participants, therapists and patients alike.

    Kai Amberg (Medical Fitness Expert)

  • I myself complained of headaches and back pain, mostly after getting up. I felt sleep-deprived and chronically tired. Physiotherapy helped temporarily, but the pain kept coming back. It soon became clear that the cause was poor posture in my cervical spine.

    This was followed by several attempts with different pillows and changes of position. A good friend introduced me to flexpillow, and although I was very sceptical at first, the pain disappeared permanently. Until today!

    Dr Olaf Deling, MD

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