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We want to help people make the most of their sleeping time. To do this, we develop innovative products that enable healthier sleep and revolutionise the sleeping experience.

"The flexpillow idea was born from our own needs."

Affected by back pain

"I personally had severe back pain, especially in the lumbar spine area. Triggered by the one-sided training behaviour!

Therapists at the training centre kept recommending that I sleep on my back without a pillow in addition to the therapy.

That's right, "without a pillow" - this sleeping position should also support my treatment."

Why do therapists increasingly recommend sleeping in the supine position without a pillow?

They told me: "Nature designed us humans to sleep on our backs. Without a pillow. Only in the free supine position can the spine realign itself during the night with the help of gravity and recover from work-related poor posture and everyday stresses.

The spine is in a relatively straight position. In addition, the neck region, from which most people suffer, is balanced."

What don't you try when you're in pain?

At first it was very unusual and uncomfortable to sleep without a pillow because I am actually a side sleeper. But when I realised that it was actually good for me, I tried sleeping on my back without a pillow for longer and longer periods. The aim was to fall asleep in this sleeping position.

flexpillow - The orthopaedic pillow

The innovative & patented pillow shape helps you to sleep on your back. This gives your spine the best possible chance to recover overnight from the stresses and strains of everyday life. For people who tend to turn on their side during sleep, the flexpillow offers an ergonomic surface that prevents the spine from bending.

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Sleeping on your back without a pillow

Personally, sleeping on my back without a pillow, in addition to the therapy, has helped me a lot. Maybe it will help you too!

If you don't like sleeping in the supine position at all, then slowly work your way up to it. Start with 10 minutes at first and increase the time step by step. It took me two to three weeks to fall asleep in the supine position without a pillow.

If you need any support or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you.

Good luck with trying it out!

Inventor Hüsnü Özer:

Born in 1979, Hüsnü started with weight training and martial arts at an early age. His experience in movement and martial arts ranges from WingTsun to ChiKung and LNB Motion, the Liebscher & Bracht movement theory.

Hüsnü worked for the Liebscher & Bracht company (training centre for pain and movement therapy) for 15 years.

He had his own movement academy for healthy movement and self-defence in Bad Homburg for more than 13 years and taught private students, primary schools and companies (e.g. Rainer Schüttler, Amadeus Germany) as a personal trainer.

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