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What can I do if flexpillow is too high?

With all filling materials, you can simply remove some filling material via the zip and adjust the height to your individual requirements.

Is the filling material ViscoFibre residual stock/residual waste?

No, definitely not :-). The viscose foam is machine-cut by the manufacturer into different colours and sizes.

ViscoFibre is a special mixed filling based on viscoelastic polyurethane foam flakes and siliconised polyester fibre balls with exceptional resilience and enormous moisture management. This machine-mixed combination significantly improves the air permeability of the visco-foam and greatly minimises compaction.

Is there a pillow test?

We don't have a free trial pillow so you can test flexpillow. You can easily cancel your order.

You can find more information about cancellation here.

Does the acclimatisation cushion still exist?

No, production was discontinued. Production was too costly and the attached Velcro fasteners also scratched when sleeping.

How can I return my order?

You can return the goods to us after the timely written cancellation. Please note that you are responsible for the costs of returning the goods.

You can find more information about cancellation here.

How do you sleep properly and wake up refreshed?

Many people long for a good and restful night's sleep. Not everyone can enjoy a good night's sleep and waking up is not always as pleasant as expected. There are many reasons for this. The body often reacts with tension, especially in the neck area, when we sleep in an inappropriate position. The choice of mattress and slatted frame as well as the right pillow are important here.

How can I lie correctly in every sleeping position?

People adopt different sleeping positions during sleep. Some are convinced back sleepers, others side sleepers, many also change their sleeping position several times during the night. In order for the spine and muscles to recover from the many stresses and strains of the day, there are a few requirements that need to be met. The sensitive neck in particular, which is already under a lot of strain during our everyday activities due to prolonged sitting and monotonous staring at screens, should be given the opportunity to regenerate during sleep. Not every pillow enables a sleeping position that promotes relaxation of the neck and throat area. The usual feather pillow in particular does not promote optimal sleeping postures for the head. Back sleepers experience hyperextension of the cervical vertebrae with such a pillow, while side sleepers do not receive enough support during sleep due to the very yielding feather pillow. Many orthopaedic sleeping pads, for their part, only allow for one optimal sleeping position, which is not conducive to changing posture during the night.

Orthopaedic pillows - what can they do?

Experienced orthopaedists are increasingly pointing out that the position of the head during sleep is particularly important in preventing neck tension. If you lie on your back, you should be able to lie with your head flat on the bed during sleep. Only in this position can the corresponding vertebrae in the cervical spine realign themselves. In the flat position, gravity exerts exactly the right tensile forces to ensure that the cervical vertebrae are realigned to their original position and that the intervertebral masses are nourished. If, on the other hand, the head is raised in the supine position, there is a risk of further hyperextension, which already occurs frequently due to one-sided strain in everyday life. For side sleepers, on the other hand, lying flat on the mattress is not the ideal position for the head. In this case, support is needed for the head lying on its side. An orthopaedic pillow should therefore be able to guarantee the anatomically ideal position for both back and side sleepers. You can sleep really well with such a pillow.

How can I lie anatomically correct with flexpillow?

flexpillow has a very special shape that can bring the head into the anatomically optimal sleeping position in any sleeping position. With its recess in the centre, the back sleeper's head can lie flat. Meanwhile, side sleepers experience optimum support for the head area thanks to the elasticated side surfaces of the pillow. Flexpillow is made from a visco-elastic material, is breathable and is also the first choice for people allergic to house dust mites. After a period of familiarisation with the anatomical requirements of the cervical vertebrae, you can't go wrong with this pillow. Sleeping properly is therefore very easy. Familiarisation is also made easier as a small neck support for back sleepers eases the transition to lying flat. A special sleeping experience is achieved in combination with a mattress that is customised to your needs and a matching slatted frame.

Does flexpillow help with back and neck pain?

Please understand that we are unable to answer this type of question. As a precaution, we would like to point out that flexpillow products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure.

The products in our online shop are not medicine or a cure. Products from our online shop cannot and should not replace a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner in the event of illness.

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