Merino new wool duvet, natural hair duvet

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Merino virgin wool blanket

Merino virgin wool blanket

Thanks to the special temperature-regulating properties of merino wool, you can use this blanket in summer and winter. Cosy and warm in winter and temperature-regulating in summer.

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  • Duvet: NaturPur Merino

    Material: 100% virgin sheep's wool on polyester warp, 520 g/m² in the pile
    Finishing: Band edging all round
    Filling: 100% polyester high loft fleece
    Choice of size: 135x195 cm or 155x195 cm
    Colour: Natural
    Pure new wool

  • Duvet: NaturEdel Merino with cashmere

    Material: 100% pure new wool (85% merino, 15% cashmere) in the pile on polyester warp, 540 g/m² in the pile per side
    Short and very dense pile, one of the highest quality qualities
    Filling: 100% polyester high loft fleece
    Choice of size: 135x195 cm or 155x195 cm
    Colour: natural
    Purest new wool

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Merinos - The noblest sheep breed of all

The shearing from Australia is very fine and the fine wool is also known as merino wool. Pure new wool is called virgin wool.

The Merino sheep breed lives on hot and barren pastures - and they do not sweat. At the same time, their water-repellent hair protects them from the cold and bad weather. Their fur forms an important insulating air cushion, which ensures that the animals do not sweat in summer and do not freeze in winter. We humans have been utilising this property for ages.

A new wool blanket of outstanding quality, both in terms of the choice of new wool and the workmanship. It is washed gently and treated in such a way that the natural properties of the new wool are retained. The animals are shorn down to the skin and produce between 2 and 4 kilograms of wool per year.

Sheep's wool is experiencing a renaissance as part of the "back to nature" trend. With pure new wool, you acquire a piece of unadulterated nature.

Advantages of Merino sheep's wool

Merino virgin sheep's wool is shorn entirely from live sheep, as this is the only way to preserve its fine natural properties.

Merino wool feels pleasant, warm, skin-friendly and temperature-regulating. Untreated merino wool breathes, regulates the temperature and promotes blood circulation. The natural hair can absorb moisture without feeling "damp". The natural fibre then releases this moisture back into the surrounding air when not in use. Thanks to this natural self-regulation, you won't sweat under a natural hair duvet even in summer. This ability ensures a pleasant and dry sleeping climate.

Caring for your merino wool blanket

Cleaning a natural hair duvet is usually not necessary, as these are fibres from nature and have a special self-cleaning function.

You can bathe your new merino blanket in the fresh air from time to time (preferably in foggy weather). Please do not place or hang it in direct sunlight. If your merino blanket is heavily stained, you can wash it by hand at a maximum of 30°C.

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