Filling material: organic spelt husk

Our spelt husk is grown in Germany and is 100% organic, purified and heat-treated at 70°. Spelt husk deacidifies, purifies and massages. Spelt husks are flexible and at the same time dimensionally stable, they adapt to the body individually and guarantee a high support function. The husk contains up to 90% silicic acid, which gives the connective tissue, skin and bones firmness and also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. spelt husk does not absorb moisture but passes it on. This prevents heat build-up in the pillow and reduces sweating and the formation of house dust mites.

Spelt husks from controlled organic cultivation certified according to number DE-BW-007-32013-B

Advantages of spelt husk:

> excellent moisture management
> loose and air-permeable for a balanced sleeping climate in summer and winter
> free-flowing, very good adaptability to every body contour
> suitable for allergy sufferers

Note: A quiet noise is produced when the sleeping position is changed.

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