Filling material: sheep's wool pellets (from certified organic animal husbandry)

Pure new sheep's wool is still the most commonly used natural fibre. Due to its temperature-regulating effect, high moisture absorption, self-cleaning properties and low flammability, it fulfils the highest quality requirements. Its health-promoting and healing properties make it one of the most important materials for use in pillows. Our sheep's wool balls come from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT).

Properties and benefits:

> natural virgin sheep's wool is moisture and temperature balancing
> has a soothing effect on rheumatism, gout and arthrosis
> regulates the climate, creates a perfect microclimate, dry and warm.
> the cosy warmth has a healing effect on inflammation of the bladder, kidneys and throat
> skin-caring properties thanks to the wool fat lanolin it contains
> Acts like a catalyst to purify the body of bacteria and toxins, neutralises pollutants in the air
> stimulates the metabolism, bioactive

Textile labelling: 100 % virgin sheep's wool

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