The right pillow - a helper for a good night's sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping and suffer from neck tension, you should definitely check your pillow.

If the popular saying "How you make your bed is how you sleep" is true, the pillow certainly plays a major role in the quality of sleep.

People have different demands on their pillow. In many cases, the difference between different pillow types only becomes apparent when you "sleep on someone else's pillow" in a hotel room and are unable to sleep on the unfamiliar pillow. Sleeping well therefore also means bedding your head correctly - with the right pillow.

Different people, different pillows

A general distinction is made between sleeping pillows and neck support pillows. A sleeping pillow should enable the individual to get a good and comfortable night's sleep.

Personal preference plays a key role in the selection process, whereby orthopaedic requirements or health aspects are not always decisive for general well-being with a sleeping pillow.

A neck support pillow, on the other hand, is designed to stabilise the cervical vertebrae and prevent tension.

Choosing the right cushion - which aspects play a role?

Most sleepers have a preferred sleeping position. Some are back sleepers, others side sleepers and many switch back and forth between different sleeping positions. However, the sleeping position is not the only important factor when choosing a pillow. Other aspects are:

  • Body weight.
  • The individual's tendency to sweat.
  • The individual physique.
  • Personal preferences.

It also depends on how the pillow and the mattress harmonise with each other.

How the mattress and pillow play together

In the search for the right pillow, the mattress plays a major role. In short, the pillow must match the mattress.

The mattress height, the mattress material, the type of shoulder zone and the firmness of the base are decisive. The corresponding depth to which the body sinks into the mattress plays a decisive role in determining the pillow height.

If a pillow is selected that is too high, the cervical vertebrae will be overstretched, which can lead to neck tension. A pillow that is too low, on the other hand, does not support the head optimally or sufficiently, which can also lead to tension, especially in the case of back sleepers.

The pillow and the pillow material - sleep well without sweating

Different people have different tendencies to sweat during sleep. This is not only true in summer. Cooling pillow materials can ensure that the individual tendency to perspire is reduced.

Breathability, hygiene and comfort in pillows

A lot of heat and moisture is always released through the head, even by people who do not tend to sweat a lot. In this respect, pillows are a dream environment for house dust mites.

In addition to the cooling effect of modern pillow fabrics described above, the preferred pillow should always be made of breathable material. Some pillows are even repellent to the annoying mites and can therefore be used without any problems by house dust mite allergy sufferers. Finally, the washability of the pillow and cover can also be a decisive factor in deciding in favour of a particular pillow.

However, the pillow material not only plays a role in temperature equalisation. The texture and feel of a pillow is another important factor for well-being.

The shape and flexibility of the cushion as feel-good factors

When choosing the right pillow, the shape and flexibility should also be taken into account. Support pillows often have a special shape that allows the cervical spine to maintain a comfortable posture.
Many modern pillows are also made of innovative, particularly flexible and elastic materials that take on a certain shape with use and also retain this shape. The pillow "remembers" the position of the sleeper and supports this with every use.
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