Healthy sleep: the flexpillow pillow makes it possible!

Healthy sleep is regularly the sleep that we simply fall into and from which we wake up well rested in the morning. An undisturbed, restful night's sleep has to do with many different factors.

Some we can influence ourselves, others are more beyond our control. The ability to adopt our individual sleeping position and a pillow that is customised to this is crucial.

The sleeping position - a very personal matter

People have very different preferences when it comes to their posture during sleep. Classic back sleepers and side sleepers adopt very specific positions, especially with their head and neck.

It also depends on which side the side sleeper prefers. There are even people who still like to sleep in a sitting position, as it was very common here until the Middle Ages and beyond for various reasons. Today, the reclining position in your own bed and separate bedroom is generally predominant.

Sleeping positions and pillows

If you use a pillow that is not suitable for your preferred position in bed and/or the wrong mattress, you will quickly be penalised with neck tension or other unpleasant physical symptoms.

Back sleepers in particular need a pillow that avoids hyperextension of the sensitive neck area by providing sufficient support from the pillow. The interaction between the pillow and mattress must also be right.

Side sleepers are also at risk of a stiff neck when they wake up if their pillow is too high or too low in relation to the mattress. In both cases, the sinking depth of the head is not correct. The pillow should therefore be selected regularly not only according to the sleeping position, but also according to the mattress and, in particular, with regard to its support function and firmness in the shoulder girdle area.

Healthy sleep - feel good while you sleep

Healthy sleep is first and foremost the result of pleasant, sleep-promoting conditions during the night. The best sleepers are those who don't notice their bedding and wake up in the morning feeling rested and relaxed after a heavenly slumber. Among other things, this also means that the bed and all bedding must be breathable to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.

Everyone releases a lot of moisture during sleep, especially through the head, and some people sweat a lot. Breathable, temperature-regulating and even cooling materials such as viscose, especially in pillows, create a pleasant sleeping atmosphere, not least from a hygienic point of view.

Elasticated cushions - cushions for all occasions

As our pillow is an important element for healthy sleep, it is important to choose it carefully. Just like when choosing a mattress. Visco-elastic materials are particularly beneficial for both mattresses and pillows. They adapt equally well to the sleeping positions of back and side sleepers.

Healthy and restful sleep is often no longer a pipe dream with these materials because they are extremely flexible with optimum support for the head and "remember" the sleeping position. They therefore provide optimum support for the head and neck structure in every position and give the sleeper a pleasant feeling when sleeping and a relaxed body feeling when waking up.

Healthy sleep - taking a holistic view of the room

After all, healthy sleep is not just about how you sleep, but also where you sleep. The room climate must not be too warm, too damp or too dry.

Humidity levels above 60 percent potentially promote mould growth in the room, especially if there is insufficient ventilation. Values below 40 per cent make breathing difficult due to dryness.
In terms of temperature, 16-18 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for sleeping.

You should also remember to darken the room sufficiently if you want to sleep soundly and undisturbed.

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